Event Drumming

Are you organising an event?

  • A charity ball
  • An awards event
  • A wedding
  • A surprise birthday
  • A sports presentation evening
  • A children’s party

Why not open it with a BANG!!?

You can hire the ‘Beat Of Drum’ percussion ensemble to add an exciting impact to your event. Here are some event ideas:

* Open your event with a powerful Japanese war drumming piece. Taiko drumming is loud, visually exciting and is sure to be a dramatic opening to your event.

* Open your event with a Carnival Procession! We can march through your guests playing exciting Samba music.

* An interactive drumming event. Invite your guests to take part in an interactive drumming session. Play African or South American rhythms on authentic instruments.


We can adapt our drumming to your event, so please call us to discuss your requirements!



Meet another of our fantastic facilitators, Natalie Benison, showing off one of the brand new Drumming Workshops t-shirts


A Drumming Workshops team opening Northumbria University’s Diversity Week


Please telephone us for rates and availability on 07901 707 436 or email us for more details.

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